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I can’t really remember a time I wasn’t passionate about real estate. But I really got serious about investment as a career, probably back when I was in college. And it continues to drive me to develop my vision of making a generational difference, on a global scale, with my contribution. I wanted to share my extensive, first-hand knowledge about rental property investments. This collaborative read is intended to be the ultimate roadmap to rental investment success.

For anyone interested in rental property investments, either novice or veteran, this is the ultimate guide to financial success and freedom, Real Estate Investment ZEN!. I feel I have reimagined possibilities to improve the lives not only of the investors growing their portfolios but also the tenants who need a safe, reliable place to call home.

At the helm of PMI JCM Realty Group, I felt it was my responsibility to make my unique expertise and knowledge available to the Tampa Bay Metropolitan area. We operate our property management services from an asset management perspective. And it’s that results-driven attitude that has allowed me to uncover the industry secrets to better ROI, better Tampa living, and improved property management services.

In my ongoing quest to be the number one property management company for ambitious investors, I have spent the last 15 years emerging myself in the business. My vision is ultimately to represent the very best services the property management industry has to offer. I continuously aim to uniquely bridge the communication gap between landlords and tenants while simultaneously improving the rental industry and our beloved Tampa Metro area.

What I really do is offer white glove rental property management services through a lens of ROI by managing rental properties from an asset management perspective. You don’t get into rental property investing to lose money or to sign up for late-night calls, late rent, and eviction headaches.

There isn’t a rental property situation I haven’t experienced first-hand. And it’s this passion for community development and real estate that inspired me to collect those experiences and create this book. Here’s where I can share my experiences, the good and the bad, and offer relevant and actionable ideas for investors to follow.

It’s taken years to compile this kind of comprehensive knowledge into one place. Haiti made me; New York raised me; Memphis trained me, and Tampa paid me. My experiences can benefit you now as you embark on your own investment journey. This is a culmination of some of the greatest advice to successful rental property investment. The industry’s best-kept secrets are all here and at your disposal.


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