Rental Property Investment Zen Master

The ZEN Way to Reduce Your Tax Liability to Zero Using Your Rental Property Portfolio

Maximize Your Rental Property Cash Flow

Learn How To Make Money When You Buy Your Property & Get Paid When You Sell Your Rental Property

Learn How To Leverage Your Rental Property To Pay Zero Taxes Legally

Learn Ways To Eliminate The Stress & Drama Of Being A Rental Property Owner/Investor

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Rental Property Investment Zen Master

About The Book

Rental property investors want better ROI. But they don’t always know how to get there. So, what separates multi-million-dollar success stories from first-timer failures? The proper application of knowledge. In this book, you’ll find answers and expert-driven suggestions for everything from shopping for your first rental property to managing the complicated tax burdens of an entire investment portfolio.

Based on my experience as a real estate investor and property manager in Tampa, Florida and beyond, I know a thing or two about the good, bad, and even the ugly that comes with investing in rental property. And I’ll pull back the curtain to share what I’ve learned over the last 15 years in the trenches with this compilation of lessons learned and best practices.

Discover extensive advice regarding Acquisitions and Rental Property Management strategies. Explore real stories about my real estate investment experiences. And read contributor content from pivotal figures driving the Uptown Tampa [SOARING CITY] community development.

Learn some of the industry’s best-kept secrets I’ve already discovered. And see how your rental property management strategies as an investor can improve your community. Explore what other Tampa area leaders, who have a similar passion for community development and strengthening, have to contribute, as well.

For anyone interested in developing their rental property portfolio or improving their rental management cashflow by managing properties from an asset management perspective, this book is your ultimate guide and roadmap to financial success.

Roland Charles


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