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Very Responsive, Honest

PMI JCM Realty Group has managed my properties for five years, and I have been quite happy. They have been very responsive, honest, and have looked out for my best interests. I have had several difficult tenants over the period.; they are fair and will try to work with you, as long as you are reasonable. I definitely would recommend this management team to anyone looking for a property manager, especially to absentee landlords.

James G


I can’t thank him enough

We are first-time home buyers PMI JCM Realty Group really got to know us and walked us through the entire process to help us know what to expect. On top of everything and always made suggestions based on what we liked and had been looking at.. When we were unable to be present for inspections, He was there. I can’t thank him enough for answering all of our questions at all hours and days of the week, even his days off. We highly recommend them.

Brooklen L


I Am So Impressed

I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation to PMI JCM Realty group Property Management. I am so impressed with the integrity of everyone at this Company. They are professional, efficient, knowledgeable, friendly and very thorough. Working with PMI Realty , my process went smoothly and they made it a real pleasure to work with them. They were patient, answering my questions, always following up and quick to explain anything I asked. I feel very fortunate and thankful I went with PMI Property Management. They care about their clients and they show it in every way. Thank you .

Hobert G

Nothing Short of Amazing!

My experience with this company has been nothing short of amazing! The staff members are super helpful and the response is always immediate to anything I’ve needed. The process was seamless when applying and I’m going to be here for a while. PMI JCM Realty group is the best Property Management Company I’ve ever worked with! And my house is amazing by the way!

Jason J

Very Professional and Efficient

PMI JCM Realty Group is very professional and efficient. They provide fast turnaround and transparent communication, they respond to any situation promptly and are very knowledgeable. We highly recommend PMI Property Management company.

Sadie H


Recommended to All My Friends and Family

I have been so happy with how the team PMI JCM Realty Group has been throughout the entire process of having our rental properties being managed by them. They are always so sweet, and they always have our back. Recommended to all my friends and family .

Hilda M

Epitome Of Professionalism

Roland at PMI JCM Realty has definitely exceeded my expectations. He is by far the epitome of professionalism…… I initially reached out to my former realtor ( that’s also a property manager) that helped me purchase my first house while simultaneously reaching to other property management companies. Innately, I wanted to go along with my former realtor due to the familiarity but after asking all of my 101 questions maybe more I just felt more at peace with Roland’s genuineness, tenacity, patience, reassurance , and what I love most is that he was not pushy at all. Roland was very open and listened to me when other companies were reluctant to post my house for what I requested, conversely, Roland complied without hesitation and just explained the possible pros and cons. My house did rent immediately for about $700 more! Roland is very prompt with responding to situations (nope, you will not be ghosted, promise) as well. At the end of it all you get what you pay for, and I pay for a peace of mind and that’s exactly what Roland delivers.

Denise H

Trust-Worthy, Dedicated And Knowledgeable Professional

I’m a real estate agent and I work with a lot of property managers and I have to say, PMI is one of the best. They are always responsive and I never have any issues with the way the properties are maintained. If you’re searching for a property management group start with PMI!

Andrew L

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